Demon Hunter Cosplay for Contest

Hello! My name is Hunter aka Vraskaa Cosplay and this is the Demon hunter cosplay I made this year. 

I made digigrade stilts from scratch with 2x4, metal bars, bungee cords, and old shoes. Made the demon body parts with 4, 6, and 8mm eva foam with liquid latex textures over the top. The green is dyed and painted PETG with some led lights behind it. 

The fabric is a grey cotton that I made into a one inch dragon scale smocking and cheese cloth dyed and distressed with a mixture of denatured alcohol, wood stain, and synthetic dye in spray bottles. 

The armor is 4mm eva foam with apoxie sculpt detailing. The gems are made with a sculpt from monster clay, a mold from smooth on mold max 30, and cast in epoxy resin. The spikes are made from insulation foam covered in thibra. 
The face and ear prosthetics were made when I made a life cast of my face with alginate, ultracal 30, mold max 30, and smooth on dragon skin. The body paint was airbrushed with endura. 
The chainmaile is 16g aluminum wire that was wrapped around a wooden dowel with a drill, cut into pieces, and woven into European 4 in 1 pattern. 
The teeth are instamorph molded together with paint and finished with nail varnish to make sure they don’t chip and are non toxic. 
The chains are foam dowels and the lateen fire is PETG dyed with synthetic rit dye and airbrushed with color shift paints. They are also backed with led lights. 
Let me know if you have questions about anything else! 


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