Small Mold Cores


I am making a silicone puppet similar to the one in David Monzingo's course and I am wondering when he is casting the skull core how did he smooth out the seams in his clay layup in a mold that you cant reach your hand into when it is shut? 

Any incite would be greatly appreciated,


  • Hi Tucker,

    We'll reach out and get that answer for you!

  • Hi Tucker,

    Here is David's answer for you:
    Hey Tucker,

    The short answer is: you don't.

    If you can't get down into your mold to eliminate the seam in your clay lay-up, you go ahead and cast your core up and then worry about cleaning up the seam after the fact. You'll want to be sure that you use a lot of mold release though so that whatever excess material gets past your clay lay-up won't bond to your mold. You can never use too much mold release!  This is a painful lesson everyone learns the first time they have something stick to a mold.

    Once you get your core out of the mold, you can grind down the "flashing" that makes up the seam and contour the core into a smooth, seamless shape. You can then mold your core to generate duplicates of it, if necessary.  (It usually is.)

    Hope this helps!  Best of luck with your puppet.


  • Thanks Chris!
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