Resume Building

I am currently a fx makeup artist at a haunted house, how would I put that on a resume and does anyone have tips for creating a resume for makeup 


  • HI there, 
    i think you can just write down "Experienced Haunt Actor" I think having experience listed primarily is key to writing your resume as well as listing your skills. A digital portfolio would also be ideal! 
  • Hi Maria,

    You have a couple of options here, one is to just list Special Effects Makeup Artist - Haunted Attraction, the other is to list the full name of the attraction if you feel its name will add value.

    My biggest tip for resumes is to keep items on them recent and relevant to the positions you are using the resume to apply for.  While experience with a haunted attraction may not seem relevant for a position in film production, there is some overlap.  Showing up regularly on a schedule, applying makeups on a deadline, working with a wide variety of actors, maintaining and stocking a kit to keep production moving forward smoothly, applying a wide variety of makeups with varied techniques and materials, etc.   Think of all the things you do/did in that position that you were responsible for or helped you grow as a makeup artist and included those in a bullet list for that item on your resume.

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