HELP. New Barge Cement Not Working Well for Gore Texture!!!

So I'm hoping for some advice. After watching the "Blood, Gore and Makeup Effects Part 2 - Gags, Props, Fake Bodies" we were having a lot of success making gory skulls and skeletons. When we started the process I was using some Barge Cemenet I purchased a couple years ago, and that worked great . . . but we ran out.
I ordered new barge through Amazon, and noticed when it arrived that the look of the can had changed a little. We used this new Barge Cement and it didn't fan out and give that great effect like we saw demonstrated in the class. In fact, it barely worked at all.

Any suggestions on where to find the original Barge? Is there something else that can be done to get that nice spreading and fan out texture from this newer barge cement?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


  • Hi Jamie,

    Many places don't sell or ship the original Barge due to state regulations around VOCs.  What you want is the original barge in the yellow can, which can be tricky to find at times.  You can still get it online from places like Amazon, but be careful they specifically show the yellow and red can and that the seller does not have notices posted about not shipping to your area.

    You can sometimes find it locally at leatherworking shops.

    I don't know of any way to get the VOC-free version of Barge to behave like the original, it's basically a different product altogether. 

  • Does this look like the original formula to you? It's more of a tan than a yellow I would say. I just bought this off eBay which the guy claimed was the original formula after I messaged him. But a few weeks ago I was using contacts meant that had the exact same label and didn't seem to be getting anywhere with the spider web technique, which I assumed was the older formula.

  • You are right about the can color looking off.  I'm used to the bright yellow and red version.  Normally color variation in their cans means it's a different formula, but in this case, I can't find any info about it.  I looked up images that show the back of one of the tan cans and it looks like the regular formula's ingredients to me.   Even the "Improved Formula" text is on all their older cans.  Maybe they are updating their branding?  Very strange!

    Not sure why you are unable to get the desired result out of it though.

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