Monster Maker's Flex Gloss over Platinum Silicone?

Hi family! 

I was wondering if anyone has tried "sealing" platinum silicone (mask or other) with Monster Maker's Flex Gloss. I want to paint a piece in platinum silicone with Alclad II airbrush paints, and then seal it with the Flex Gloss, which is advised for Urethane and Latex. However, they don't specify whether it works or not for platinum silicone.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys!



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    Hi Henry,

    I've not tried it, but my suspicion is it would give you difficulty, as nothing really likes to bond to silicone aside from silicone.

    You can always try a test on a small bit of extra silicone and see how it holds up.

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    Thanks Chris, I think I'm going to have to go for the Pearl Ex pigments for platinum silicone. But I am going to try to use urethane as well. What I'm making is the Thor sleeves. I came up with a great idea for them, in fact, one of the best ideas I have ever had. No seams, no need to make molds, accurate, flexible, and pretty cheap compared to what the whole process of making a pair of those sleeves would cost.

    I will share pictures when I am done :D 
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    Awesome, look forward to seeing the process!

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