Starlord Blasters with LED cartridges. Finally finished after 7 months

Hi family!
I have been working for the past 7 months on my second version of the Star-Lord Blasters. I really wanted to remake them because of everything I had learnt since painting my Stormbreaker LED · SMOKE. I also wanted to add something special to them.

In the second movie there is a fraction of a second that you see Quill reloading the blasters before hitting the space octopus creature. I designed a mechanism that has 3 different functions. It allows me to turn a 6mm button into a on/off switch. This way I could make a clean cartridge glow with LED light, as well as several different effects. For now, one for each of the Elements that he shoots.

I used Alclad II airbrush paints, oil and acrylics, steel wool, liquid mask and more things to achieve the different metallic effects.

To keep the metallic sheen after the Aqua Gloss clear coat, I rubbed some graphite powder and then did my washes.

I have also made a little 15 minute video talking about the different possibilities with the cartridges as well as the mechanism.

Would you guys like to see some cool renders as well?

Thanks for the inspiration as always! I always read your posts and they are beyond amazing!


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