Making a bald cap with Super Baldiez

Hi everyone!

I need to make a bald cap and I don't have Baldiez, only super Baldiez. 

My first attempt was a big fail 😂 I've followed the instructions on the product, so I dissolved 1 part of cap plastic in 4 part of IPA, they recommended 7 or 8 layers, but after something like 30 layers, it was still sooo thin so when I tried to remove it, it was a fail

I applied it with a brush because my airbrush is broken :(

So, do you think I should mix 1:1 cap plastic:IPA so it would be much thicker and better or something like that?

Thanks for reading I'm waiting for your advices and precious knowledge! 


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Disclaimer: I'm not that great at making bald caps. I've had a hard time with them tearing too.  :'(

    Since you are using a brush you could get away with a slightly thicker mixture than you would use in an airbrush.  You'll still want to build up thin layers to keep the surface nice and smooth/even.  You could try a 1:1 or 1:2 mix and test it out.  Just make sure everything has plenty of time to dry, as the thicker mixture may hold the alcohol a bit longer.

    One trick that may help when just getting started is as you brush layers onto the head form also brush a small test onto something like the back of a plastic spoon (or two) that you can peel up and test later in the process without damaging your main working piece.  Over time you'll be able to gauge the thickness by eye or peeling up a small edge, but this kind of trick helped me.

  • Hi Chris, thank you for your answer 

    Yesterday I've realized that the mix ration 1:4 is for airbrush so I guess that's where the mistake was 😂

    I'll try that today and make few test before trying to make a real one!

    Thank you again :) 
  • Not perfect but it's done! :) I put a thin layer of silicone between layers of cap plastic, like an encapsulated bald cap 😂 
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Awesome!  Glad it worked out! 

  • Me too I was so scared, thanks again for advices! 
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