Mold Pour Spout Placement!?


I am working on a project where I'm trying to cast a silicone skin for a puppet and need advice on how and where to place the pour spout. My sculpture is a horse like animal head that is longer than it is tall so the spout placement in the silicone mask making tutorial I don't think will work. Are there any tutorials that cover fabricating a mold core that has an integral pour spout or injection point? Im guessing you mount a pipe in the clay layup inside of the mold and then cast your core material around it. Does this style of pour spout have to be at the deepest point in the mold or can you adjust to avoid facial features? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse terrible drawing:

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    Normally an injection point in a mold core would be at the deepest point so it lets the material in while displacing air upwards through your vent holes and bleeders.

    Your illustration looks good, I would just see if you could get the injection point down near the nose.  There's also a possibility of air getting trapped in the lower jaw since the material would have to fill other areas first then work its way into the jaw.  Adding bleeders in that area could help the air escape.  You just plug them up once you see material evacuating.

    Hope that helps!

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