What can I use to make a cheap mold?

Hi everyone!
Halloween is coming and I need some advices please!

I'm about to create a face encapsulated silicone prosthetic. I have the positive mold of my model, I'm about to sculp the prosthetic.

But I don't have anymore money to afford any product. All I've got is Platsil Gel 10, plaster and epoxy resin. 

So my question is, what is the best product I can use to replace the polyurethane resin used to make the negative of my sculpture?

Originally, I wanted to simply use silicone and cover it with plaster, but I'm afraid that the silicone can be too soft so it moves when I will fill the mold and put my positive plaster head of my model and tighten it with my clamp.

Im afraid to use plaster because I think i can be too fragile and break when I will tight. 

I maybe was thinking about epoxy resin, because I know that the best to use is polyurethane resin.

What are you advices please? ☺️

Thanks for reading, I hope my English is understandable! 


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    A stone like Ultracal 30 might be your best bet.  If you are concerned about it breaking, you can add hemp or other fibers to it.  

    Otherwise would try epoxy resin, which is more expensive, but light weight and durable.

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    Hi Chris, thank you for you answer :)

    I just find out that Acryl Cast seems to be a good solution and not that expensive! What do you think about this product? 
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    I'm not familiar with Acryl Cast.   Is this the same brand? (https://www.formx.eu/molding--casting/acrylcast/index.php)

    Does it end up being cheaper than epoxy/urethane?

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    Yes this is the same, I'm not familiar with it too, unfortunately. I just know this is very less expensive, but I don't know yet if it's as efficient as resin.

    I finally ended up by ordering Ultracal 30 on formx and this will be the first time I will use it 😂 maybe next time I will try with AcrylCast and plaster shell and let you know if it worked good :) but on formx they say it is very resistant and easy to use when you are a beginner.

    I guess it basically works the same way as Flexacryl ^^

    Anyway, for this time it will be Ultracal 30 for me, and thanks again for advices! 
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    Nice.  If you do end up trying the AcrylCast in the future let me know how it works out.  I'm really curious about it.

    Ultracal 30 should work great for you.  This lesson covers the process of working with it in great detail:

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    Ok I will let you know :) 

    Thank you for the link I haven't seen this course yet!

    I hope it will turn great I want to make a Voldemort cosplay on my boyfriend I'm so nervous about the prosthetics because the only encapsulated  prosthetics I've done so far were in flat silicone mold so 😂

    I've already crafted the Elder wand, and I'm waiting for the fabric to make a costume 

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    The Elder Wand looks great!

    I totally get how a big prosthetic challenge like that can feel intimidating. 

    I'm sure it'll end up looking awesome.

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    Thank you :)

    Yes it is, but I feel more confidant thanks to courses and advices! 
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