Using a Mehron practice head for SFX practice its not working!

Hi there .  I have a friend that is trying to use a Mehron head for scar wax and spirit gum practice and nothing sticks. She is cleaning it with alcohol after but the stuff is coming right off. Is there a way to make the stuff stick long enough so that my friend can use it for a complete look.  I was thinking about getting one to practice on with Covid but I'm not getting one if they dont work for this. Also is there one out there that actually works ? Thank you!  


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    Hi Mara,

    I've never used one of the Mehron heads, but I'm sure there's something that can be done.  One option, which would be a bit destructive, would be to hit the surface with some sandpaper to roughen it up slightly.  My best guess is they made it super smooth to help with cleaning.  Sanding would also make cleanup a bit more difficult, but it could work.

    A non-destructive option would be to spray the surface with hairspray to give it some tack.  A gluestick may also work.   I would try both of those before going the destructive route.


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