Metallized painting and sealing help

Hi new to the forums but have been subscribed for the year since June. And I  would love more lessons/videos on painting with metallic paints and methods of sealing them. The courses by Rob ramsdell and Jamie s. Grove are great though I fee the type of metal painting Jamie does suits what I’m looking for better. He lightly touched on the paint used but I can tell by the the bottle color and bottlecap it’s Alumaluster. I would love to see more lessons involving metallized paints, methods of sealing them and tinting the clear coat to give the metallized paint a different metal look (gold,copper, etc) think of how captain Americas shield is painted or iron man’s suits are painted. I follow someone that uses Alumaluster AND seals it with clear (2k clear to be specific) and they hardly loose any shine to the metallized paint. I am currently 97% complete with my paint here on this costume but in the future would love redo this Anovos helmet. And would love more metallized paint courses.


  • Oh and here you can see before clear coat (top) and after 2k clear (bottom) from the Artist I follow. 

  • Hi Mark,

    Welcome to the forums!  Your costume looks fantastic.

    That 2K clear coat does look good over the metallic paint.  Are they using Alumaluster as well or something else like a Alclad?  Did they mention what 2K clear they are using?

    I'll make sure and pass word along to the team about your desire to see more metallic painting courses.


  • Thank you so much on the complement.
    They solely work with Alumaluster and unfortunately everywhere I look a lot of folks leave out crucial steps either to omit a technique or what have you and no one really feels like sharing how this is achieved in detail or steps aside from saying I used x paint and clear coated it. Yes yes but HOW was it done lol. And that’s where most information is left out. They used to work at studioADI. All I know is 
    paint: Alumaluster 
    clear: Transtar 6571 or Matrix MS-30
    thanks for the reply 

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