Transforming Scythe Prop

Hi! I just joined this community and started doing courses, so thought I would share some of my work here as an introduction!

I built this transforming scythe during my freshman year of high school based on a prop from an animated TV series.

It consists of a telescoping wood stock and four hinged blade components made of gator board. When fully transformed, it stands at about 8 feet tall. The prop currently functions by being physically swung open and kept in place with latch-like stops I designed, but I want to improve it by making it "pop" open more quickly/automatically with some kind of spring loaded mechanism. I plan on disassembling it a bit to try and adjust the internal components to make room for this mechanism sometime soon.

Here's a gif/some pics of it before I open it back up (kitchen table for scale).

Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think :) 


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