Zombie Blub

Zombie blub    
6" x 7" x 8"
Cast: resin

Mr. Blub (Zombie Blub)
inspired by the frog fish and angler fish Mr. Blub was first thought of as my daughter and I watched a nature program on television about the frog fish. I created him out Chavant clay and then cast in resin. Weighs approx. 5 lbs and is 8" x 6" x 6". Custom themed zombie blub including protruding ribs and bad teeth


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    Beautiful !!
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    Man , I like this , great fish!!
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    Thanks for your comments.  I have a few others that I have painted up.  One is based off of H.R. Giger's alien creatures, and then a few others done with bright and colorful fish designs.  I made a mold so I was able to pour several copies and paint and add features to them.  This is the only one with the bad teeth. 
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    This looks amazing! I love the colors! Great work! :)
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