Xeraimus God Of The Monsters!

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Xeraimus is a planetary kaiju god from the Xyrebral systems a world outside of time and space. 
I'm currently in the process of trying to finish this huge kaiju suit/costume project!
I started this back in 2012 I believe and I am just now getting ready to finish the costume, these pictures I took here are old the suit has since gone through more development this suit is suppose to have lighting effects and animatronic mechanisms.
But that last mechanic probably won't be implemented , because I am not fully knowledgeable of how to create such functions.
I'm referring to the animatronic features.

Any-who for more information on Xeraimus check out my facebook page!



  • I'm ordering the final materials for the suit, so hopefully they will be here before the contest ends.

    Until then I will share the final concept design for the concept with you all in a couple of hours. I also would like to discuss the reason why I am producing this costume. It is for conventions and also movies that's right I'm going to try and produce my own kaiju movies.

    The first one is called '' God Of Monsters: Rise of the destroyer Xeraimus!''
    It will also co star other kaiju from my god of monsters series. The movies are planned to be released on Youtube. The setting for the movies thus far are in Cleveland Ohio for now. 

    I would really love to film in my home state California but sadly I lack the funds to do so at the moment.

    I, hope one day Xeraimus will become a big name kaiju in genre like Godzilla. =)
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