Mask Maker

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I think we need a good old fashioned movie monster to wrap this year up!  This is the Mask Maker.  If you are not wearing a mask he will make one out of you!   He has a rhyme he sings while he skins his victims....

Mask Maker, Mask Maker make me a mask 
Find me a knife 
Catch me some skin
Mask Maker Mask Maker
Use your sharp blade 
And make me the perfect mask.

This character was achieved with latex and toilet paper with Ben Nye bone wax and scar wax, covered with Ben Nye thick and scab blood. Other makeup used was a Ben Nye Casualty wheel, and the veins were done using the Cracks Bad Ass Mini stencil  and Mehron creme sticks.

Model is my son Julian Fritts. 
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