Bill Turner´s Cousin

So, I come from a small, coastal city in northern germany. Living so close to the ocean, I´ve always had a special attachment to water, so I decided to create a look, that would reflect that.
I collected a couple of shells and seaweed on one of the many beaches in my region, washed them, dried them out and created the prosthetics using latex paste I made out of flour and latex. Next up, I build the seastar using latex and cotton balls and added some texture to it using ground coffee. I painted the seastar using alcohol activated paints.
I attached the prosthetics using liquid latex and some more of the latex paste. I painted myself and the prosthetics using waterbased bodypaints and a little bit of alcohol activated paints. I put a grey color as the base of my skin tone, then used some green, yellow, white, black and brown shades to give the skin more texture and dimension. I applied some seaweed to my hair using bobby pins, and some to my chest using liquid latex. I applied some black sclera lenses, put some highlighter on the shells, to add a little shinyness and finished off the look by putting coconut oil in my hair and lubricant on my face and prosthetics to make it all seem wet and fresh out the water.

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