MB50 ( Crezashi's )

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These creatures are called Cregans ... they are primarily vegetarian with the exception of Siftren Snakes, which they absolutely crave for, if they could they would drop the vegetarian diet and live solely on Siftrens, however, Siftrens are difficult to find and remain a scarce delicacy. When one is spotted the Cregan will go all out to catch the dilicate, tasty prey, all 6 legs racing at high speed to finally snatch up lunch with it's long fingers at the end of it's long arms ... the red and black striped coloration is a warning to the Siftren snakes ... quick recognition has saved many as they dissappear into small holes in the ground.                                       ( sculpey, epoxy and various materials )               

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    Fantastic creature , love the snake in his hand, quite an imagination! .. CREEPY ! Brigitte Gaudreault Québec, Montréal Canada
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    Awesome! Surely a first prize winner. This creature looks both frightening and friendly. If you get close enough to trust her, she may quickly devour your head in seconds like a praying mantis!
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    Thanks for the interesting comments, I appreciate it :)
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    Great Creature, very unique shape. Love it!
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    He looks wise
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