Demon of the Night


My name is samantha I am 30 years old and living in the UK. 

I have never studied SFX, last October I started body painting and had a huge fascination for SFX. I wanted to push my boundaries and try something I have never done before. I wanted a challenge. So the past 6 weeks I have been self studying on YouTube and attempted my first ever silicone mask. 
Everything I done from the life casting, sculpting my character, making hard jackets and filling was all very new. I learnt a lot along the way and must say I absolutely fell in love with the process. 
Not everything was smooth sailing but that’s all part of learning.
I used double body silk for the lifecasting, rebound 25 for the moulding of my character and eco-flex 00-30 for the final mask. I then finished the mask using psycho paint. 

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