Dark willow an evil fairy

Hello! My name is Sandra, and Im from Chile. 

I did this cosplay of a heroe of a videogame called dota2. Her name is Dark Willow, and while she might look cute, she is actualy very evil and burned her entire town. 
The whole costume is done by me, from the shoes which were modified to the head piece. The armor pieces, and the lantern are made of EVA foam, WORBLA, and wood. The lantern has a light incorporated and a small smoke machine. The wings were made with a combination of fabric and EVA foam. The head piece was the real challenge, I started with a helmet, and made the flower like shapes with worbla. Then I made 3 pieces of latex, the ears, the back piece and the anthenas. Finally i made the face piece with silicone. I had to attach all this pieces to the helmet in order to reduce the application time. Everything was brush painted and retouched by airbrush. The makeup application was also done by myself.


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