DIY (or not) RC Prop Controller

Some here may find this controller,developed with Addicore,useful in programming their props.


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    edited August 2020
    Hi Steve,

    Very cool stuff! 

    It not requiring programming is great.   Out of curiosity, for those that are more technically inclined, are there any options to play with the programming?

    Is it Arduino-based or is it using another flavor of microcontroller?

    What type of transmitter is it using? nRF? 

    I may just have to pick one of these up to play with!

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    Chris, the code is totally open source and tweaking of the code is encouraged as long as it is shared.  We already have someone that has linked this to his DMX system.
    It does use the Arduino IDE with different boards used on each of the components.
    It is using the RF24L01 transmitter.
    Let me know what you think if you pick one up.  The folks at Addicore are extremely receptive to suggestions for improvements. 
    I do use a more complicated puppeteering system but always wanted to develop something that was easier, quicker and less expensive to use.  I'm very happy with the results with even more features on the drawing board.
    More info on the Addicore page - https://bit.ly/2UPMP84

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    Awesome, thanks for the extra info!

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