Types of Brushes for SFX Makeup


I'd like to ask a very basic question: What kind of brush that is suitable for SFX Makeup?
Something that is resistant to strong solvents and adhesives. 

I live in Indonesia and it is very very hard to find the materials and tools required.
I'm asking this to find the alternatives available here *and more affordable too :)

A tip on how to clean the brushes would be nice too :smile:

Thank you,



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    Hi Rika,

    Most special effects makeup is applied with regular makeup brushes.   Personally, when I have to apply things that may damage the brush I just use cheaper art store brushes or cheaper makeup brushes.  That is more for in-lab work vs. on an actor.

    Cleaning your brushes is very important, especially when working with adhesives.  What you clean your brush with will depend on what you were using the brush for.  In some cases 99% isopropyl alcohol will work, in other cases regular makeup brush cleaner is fine.

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    Thank you Chris!
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