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    Here's my final. 

    Aggroseph Leirbag is a mutated clone, the result of an attempt to destroy a hidden AWO weapons cache located on an unexplored portion of Olympus Mons, Mars. Gabriel stumbled onto the cache while scouting out a possible hide-out for one of his bounties. After discovering that the weapons cache actually hid a large underground warehouse filled with thousands of stasis chambers, he finds out that each chamber contains clones of long deceased members of Gabriel's fellow Paladins. He sees faces he recognizes, friends he's helped save, women he's loved, douchebags he wish he killed himself. But they were all there, every single Paladin that he ever knew, there they are. And so was he.

    Yep, he saw a clone of himself floating in a gelatinous microbial gestation fluid. Nearly all of the Paladin chambers were still active, a few of them inactive, containing a dead corpse. This one still was functioning, and its sleeping body was being primed for AWO shenanigans.

    Over Gabriel's fat salty sack! He shoots his clone once in the head, twice in the chest, then destroys the stasis warehouse and flees to continue on his bounty trail. 

    A few years later, he finds out that a clone managed to survive, and you know he already knows which clone made it: yep, he was right. His own. But, thanks to the bullet in the clone's head, he came out kinda... different. The clone's pituitary gland reacted oddly with the depleted uranium round that was nudged up against it, causing the umbilical gestation fluid to accelerate the height and muscle girth of the clone's body, and to heal portions of the damaged brain tissue. Another side-effect to the mutation was the warping of the clone's face so that it looks nothing like Gabriel.

    Seeing that one of their super soldiers could be saved, significant resources were poured to save this clone, then designated "Aggro". But, after successfully saving Aggro, AWO scientists quickly came to find that the empty personality that they were expecting was in fact filled with an exaggerated form of Gabriel's. Aggro was still bitter and sarcastically warped, but his tastes were significantly esoteric in comparison. Instead of surrounding himself with cool pop-culture iconography, he sought out obscure counter-culture symbols, loved to hear himself speak, listened to loud 80's and 90's punk music, dressed in a pink tank top, corduroy shorts and tire-tread flip-flops, and has a taste for irradiated bacon and Twinkies.

    He feels the same exact way as the original Gabriel feels for AWO, but instead chooses to work for them. He finds the idea of Gabriel's obsession with the destruction of AWO and the possibility of his clone killing the original a deliciously ironic outcome. Plus, he would like to thank Gabriel for giving him life in the form of two bullets in the head, and one in the chest.

    His favorite quote: "Just like mom used to say: 'When shooting your clone in the head, always go for the double-tap'".

    This project has been very much a learning experience, and has re-taught me much of my basic fundamentals: lighting, proportions (or in this case, exaggerated proportions), line weight, color balance, all that stuff. I've been in the gaming industry for 16yrs as a QA engineer, but my first love has always been drawing. After following a number of concept artists recently, and having taken part of a summer arts workshop, I thought that Dan's webinar would be a great opportunity for me to flex my rediscovered muscles in a situation where all my abilities would be brought to the front. And boy, has it ever!

    Thank you very much, Dan, Chris, Matt, and the rest of my classmates. You guys have lit a bonfire underneath a long lost flame, and I am truly thankful for that. You guys don't know how much this has helped me grow as an artist and as a person.

  • I had a LOT of trouble with this one, all  problems were technical issues with the main issue of no photoshop until today! I also wanted to watch the webinar again before submitting this but I'm happy enough and I think it gets the point across.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Character Bio:

    Alias-Shiro  Ryoushi, (Japanese for "White Hunter").

    Real name- Haruto, (Japanese for "Flying Sun").

    Occupation-Bounty hunter from Japan.

    Weapons- Traditional Japanese weapons with energy blades powered by advanced suit. 

    History- Haruto was a member of the group Yūrei (Ghost/White) , and one of there most deadly assassins. After refusing to fulfill a contract (killing his female clan member and lover) Haruto was banished from the clan and considered a traitor to all of Japan, Haruto now spends his days as a bounty hunter with his rescued lover.

  • Ughhhh.. must... get some... sleep. *uploads* *faints*.

    PS: great work, you guys! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you soon :)
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    The story of Liam O'Leary:

    "O'Leary worked as a bounty hunter specializing in tracking down escaped convicts.  After many 'on the job injuries' (including a pulverized shin bone), Liam took to using cybernetic enhanced dogs for his dirty work.  As a k9 companion would prove their usefulness, they would receive more upgrades.

    All was good in the world until a cat named GIZMO showed up.  On days when the cat wasn't acting on set, it would take pleasure in interfering with Liam and his dogs work.

    After many failed jobs due to GIZMO's shenanigans, O'Leary declared war.
    Unfortunately for him, GIZMO has friends."
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