New Here/Rhino P24

I'm new to the site. I've been building for about 3 years and I joined to further my knowledge and learn new skills. I've started with watching the foam fabrication course on Kaiju because I'm building a big character named Rhino from Marvels Spiderman PS4. I have a 3D model with the perfect proportions (6 inch stilts will be used inside the foot) for me already mapped out and hollowed. I plan to make patterns using Pepakura and Armorsmith designer. The model is split up into layers from armor, to skin, thighs, helmet, chest etc. By the end I want to be the suit up to be something like: pants, shirt, arms, helmet. It may not seem like it but I'm very slim inside the 3D model lol. I think overall the final height may be 7 foot 5 inches

I just want to get some advice on how I should build certain parts. I want to keep the arms and chest hollow but starting to think its not possible. Any advice helps.


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    Welcome, glad to have you here!

    That project looks like a fun build.  You can keep the arms and chest hollow as long as they are properly supported by an internal framework that attaches to or rests against your body.  The Kaiju course you started watching should be a great help here, as there are a lot of similar aspects to your concept and the Kaiju characters built during the course.  Let us know if you have any questions!


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    Awesome. First time doing a forum so I hope to post more of my progress as I plan everything to help others
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    We always love to see in-progress work, so don't be shy!

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