New here

Hello everyone.

I am new here and I just started with a subscription for a year and wanted to introduce myself.
My username is Xaveria. I made that name up a very long time ago while I was making a elf character playing wow and it sticked ever since. 
About half a year ago a friend of mine introduced me into this wonderfull world of sculpting. Before then I hadn't done anything with clay part from kindergarden school trying to make an ashtray so you can say I am completely new at this. 
Anyway this friend of mine gave me some super sculpey, some tools and told me to bulk whatever I was going to make out with aluminum first. So I went home and after a week or so of having way to complicated idea's in my head I decided to start with a sculpture of E.T.
With a little help with the head I was pretty proud of it. It was my first time ever but I also was hooked on sculpting. I loved the material and what you could do with it. Even me, a complete newby, was able to create something cool!  
And while it got burned in the oven I was not disapointed. I had learned so much from it from that first go at it and decided to create an other E.T. with the leftover of the sculpey.

So here is my first E.T before it got burned:

And here is my second E.T that is, after the oven, still very much alive! yeah :smiley:
(pre-bake version)

So I am very excited to have enlisted in this one years subscription and and the many many wonderfull things I am going to learn here and am very curious about my improvements and how my E.T will look if I make an other one in say a year from now. 

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and again am very excited about it all.

Happy creating everyone :smiley:


  • Welcome Xaveria!

    For your first sculpt that ET was fantastic!  Sorry to hear that it did not do well during the baking process.  Your second ET looks great as well.  Starting a project over like that can be hard, but it's worth it!

    Glad to have you here, and please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Thank you for the compliments:)
    I am happy to be here as wel. 

  • Instead of creating a new thread I thought I just post here. I watched some courses and tried it myself. Was good fun and learned a bunch from it and thought it was nice to post here some shots from it. 

    Don Lanning - Sculpture techniques - textures and forms. 
    Did a couple of the examples but here is the eye. I used monsterclay. It was only about roughing out so I didn't refined it either. 

    Timothy Marting - How to sculpt with wed clay.
    I thought this was a very difficult clay to work with. Fun but difficult. 
    Stayed with the Anubis idea but made my own version of it.
    And right now I am working on my own project (have several of them but will only post 1 for now)
    I want to make the face of Mads Mikkelson in his roll as Hannibal. It is not going to be a full head, just the front. Since I am creating this with monsterclay I have to create a mold for it and well lots of other things I still have to learn. But the idea is to create his face, paint it pretty dark, not black however. Eyes will be black and put it into a black frame. So the idea is as if he is coming out of the shadows. I think that will fit perfectly for dr. Hannibal. 
    Anyway lots of work to do and the head is slowly progressing. I think it is going the right direction but any tips/suggestions are more then welcome.

  • Xaveria,

    Glad you have been working along with the lessons.  Your Anubis looks great!

    Good luck with your likeness sculpt, it's a great challenge. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  • For my Mads project, that is going nicely if I say so myself, I am looking on the internet what sillicones I should use for creating the mold. But there is so many of them.. Should I do a block mold or should I create it with a support cap? I know the difference is the money for the sillicones. Also what sillicones should I be using? And what resin is advised to create the face itself? I want to paint it or use a pigment color  to create the right color for it. 
    It is just going to be the face, flat on the back. Ment to be hanging on a wall or in a 3d box. As if it is coming out of the wall/shadow idea.
    Any suggestions? It will be my very first molding/casting item.
  • Hi Xaveria,

    For molding your sculpture there are a lot of silicones that will work.  You will likely want something 25 durometer or higher, so it holds its shape well.  Higher durometers are firmer.  Platinum silicones are a popular choice, but tin cure silicones can be a bit less expensive.

    A block mold for a piece that large would waste a lot of silicone and drive up the cost.  You'll likely want to make a 1 part silicone brush-on mold (since you are doing just the front of the face and not a whole head) with a 2 part rigid jacket.  The jacket can be anything from epoxy & fiberglass, plaster bandages, or something like Smooth-On's plasti paste.  For something this small, I'd probably just go with something like plasti paste or plaster bandages to save on cost and time.  I'd have the jacket overlap and key at the center of the face, and key into the silicone as well so it can all align properly.  Make sure you heavily release the first jacket half at the overlap and key point so the second half does not bond to it.   The jacket needs to be 2 pieces so you can cast a rigid casting and still easily remove the jacket prior to demolding your casting.

    You can get away without having a back section to the mold.  Just make sure your mold goes far enough past what you want to capture so when laid flat (face down) you can pour your casting material up to what you want to capture and have some room left to prevent spillage.

  • Awesome, thank you very much Chris. 
  • After making 2 molds.. I was not happy enough with the first one, I did a couple of castings. I thought it would be nice to share it here. 

    These are the tests. 

    This one had so many tiny air bubbles in it.. real shame.

    This is the end result.

    And the last one with candlelight. 

    I notified the official Mads Mikkelsen facebook just to share it with them and they decided to post it on their official instagram for their fanartfriday. That was a huge honour for me!
  • The castings look great!  Air bubbles can be a pain, but they can usually be filled in and cleaned up.

    Congrats on the fanartfriday post!

  • Thanks :)
  • awesome work. From start to big Win with Mats. Great likeness

  • Thank you Wolf :)
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    Nice work like a classy astroworld hoodie. Show me more work.
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  • I posted these in the contest as well but thought I would post here some of my work as well. Hope its ok to do that. 
    It is a Sil inspired creature from the movie Species. I went for a very organic bio approach for this since it is a mixture of human and alien dna. 
    I am in the procces off creating a mold of it but turned out I didn't had enough silicones... so hopefully when I add more to it next week it won't be ruined. Fingers crossed!

  • Not finished yet but its getting there. Casted in PU resin and with the light behind it, it gives a very cool effect if I say so myself.

  • Wow, looks awesome with the backlighting!

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