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Hi! this is my entrance for the contest! I made that creature few years ago and made a photo-shoot at the photographic study of a friend of mine.
The prosthetic is made with polyurethane foam and latex, sculpted with NSP chavant clay medium. I add cotton too on the neck and shoulders for texture and added some teeth made of acrylic plastic.  It's painted with a base of acrylic paint and detailed with the alcohol activated palette from reel creations and ended with lots of fake blood from formx and food coloring.
This creature it's inspired from the "the last of us" video game it's a kind of blind zombie because of the fungus that is growing up upon his head. He makes a sound like "clkclkclkc" that's why his name is clicker. you are only safe when he doesn't hear you, If he hears you, you better pray all you know.

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