Hi ! I'm Claire, 18 years old, and here is my entry for the creature contest.

It's the bust of a creature I did with a friend. It was my first time sculpting and it was pretty cool. 
Its name is "shàxahkèk" which means "straight" in the Lenape language. It's a prehistorical species that lived in the actual manhattan area. Its date of apparition is very ancient and the last specimens were only known by the Lenape population. Known only by few, it completely disappeared when the settlers  came in America. However, it still inspired a secret cult and some references are hidden even today in the Manhattan area, the most obvious one is in the crown of Lady Liberty, referencing to the 7 horns of the creature.

well, it was created for an art project so we developed a lot its back story, here is only a few resume to what was told about our creature.

made of clay, the red clay part is the bones structure and the white clay part, the skin.


  • Cool sculpt for your first time! Keep at it mate and you'll only get better !
  • Thank you very very much ! ! I hope I will have time to do some sculpting again soon.
    This is your first time scuplting?
    Bravo! Bravo!
    This thing is sick!
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    No way ? This is your first time sculpting ?  Wow , can you imagine in a year or two what 
     you could do or how far you could go ?
  • oh my god, I just saw your reactions guys and Oh God hahahaha thaaaanks!
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