Sea Elf

Hello I am Iris,
 I am a hairdresser, makeupartist and bodypainter. I would love to learn and advance my skills in special effects makeup. 

For this character I created everything by myself, the amour, the prosthetic, the bouldcap and all the other special effects. Only the elf ears are not made by me. I really hope you like my work. For this prosthetic makeup and bodypaint I used myself as model 
Here I will leave you the link to my video
 and my description of the character:

She is Skylla, a warrior from Alu'Tel'Quessir, the oldest underwater tribe.
They are the children of the Ocean.
Now elusive and mysterious, sea elves lurk in the depths and shallows of the world's waterways.
They are robust and tall, their thick skin is protecting them from the freezing deep water. Aquatic elves average life is 750 years, therefore many are known as immortals…. For thousands years they ruled peacefully the aquatic kingdom, but recently the pollution of the human is forcing them to hide in always deeper and colder water. 
The warriors of the clan are getting ready to reclaim their place and stop the humans from killing the seas and the planet itself.

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