Here is my monster creation! Based on a Darksiders 2 character. The hands and face are made using latex with the raised eyebrows and ear portions backed with soft expanding foam to keep them standing out. 
The face is applied over a full latex neck piece constructed using upholstery foam and felt with latex over the top of that to bulk out that neck area and give me some muscles. The hands are backed using some batting to increase their size and keep them flexible. 
Latex was painted with airbrush and rubber cement, then applied with body paint over that and blended on the sides with latex and tissue. The hands were the first hands I've ever done in a two part mold so that was a fun experience! 
This was also self applied so I am in fact the person underneath all of this as well!

Thanks for your consideration in this amazing competition and feeding our need to see cool creations. 


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