Monster Clay Zombo

This was my first attempt at sculpting in Monster Clay and I will tell you, it is so damned good! I love the quick transition from hard and clay like to soft and malleable with a little work in your hands. I sculpted this half mask for a horror convention in September and I would love any and all feedback. I've already molded it and I have a casting that's awaiting the final slush pour. I'll keep everyone updated on the casting and painting process once it's been pulled.


  • real nice work. like the details above the eyes 
  • I have a couple tubs of Monster Clay in the shop, but have yet to feel comfortable enough to start a full project in them.  I keep falling back to Chavant.

    Have you worked with Chavant, and if so, how do you feel the Monster Clay compares?  I tend to like firmer clays like the hard/medium.

  • Thanks Pit! I'm planning on doing a few paint schemes for this guy, and I really want to make those brow bubbles some sort of toxic, neon color. The forehead area was a lot of fun because it's such a loose free form to create and tone in.

     And yes Chris, I've worked with chavant also.

    In my opinion, I think that comparatively, I like monster clay a lot more than chavant for a few reasons. First of all, with monster clay , you don't get that weird thin layer of clay stuck to your fingers and hands as when working in chavant. I also love the range of material hardness of monster clay. Since it has a higher wax content, it is easier to work into a softer, more malleable form, and it's natural state is very firm. I think my favorite attribute though is how easily the clay takes and maintains form and detail. Once the clay has cooled, you can tap your fingers on the surface without loosing any of the work. Now I'm not saying this stuff can take a beating, but it will be able to withstand some moderate roughing with little need for clean up. Honestly, once I've used the chavant that I have, i'll be sticking to monster clay from now on.

  • Thanks Anthony!  Maybe I'll try Monster Clay for my next sculpt then!

  • No problem Chris, it's the same with any new material, it just takes a little time to get a feel for how to use it. Good luck with the next sculpt and keep me posted!
  • cool sculpture!
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