THROAT SLASH BY Gary J. Tunnicliffe

had a few questions I do not have balloon latex but i do have Cosmetic liquid latex that is sold during the Halloween season hopefully that will work fine to in case my balloon in, also i was using a bug sprayer to hook up to my vynal tubing and was wondering if that will deliver sufficient psi, i do have a water tank like Garys but i fear that when i get to set we may not have a near by source for air unless i purchase something that i can bring along to fill the tank with.
Thank you. 


  • Hi Kevin,

    Cosmetic liquid latex should work fine for you. 

    The bug sprayer may work, depending on the effect you are going for.  The main limitation is the diameter of the hose, as sprayers are designed towards releasing a small volume of fluid at pressure.

    If you do want to use a fire extinguisher in the field, there are some good options to do so, even if power is not available.  I use a few pressurized devices, mainly an air mortar, and when in remote locations I bring along a 12v SLA battery and a small pump designed to re-inflate car tires.  These pumps are not usually great quality, and not intended for extended use, so they can overheat and break down.  As a backup, I also bring along a standard bike pump.  (the stand-up kind you hold down with your feet, not the small hand version)  It takes a while to get to higher PSI for quick resets, but it's reasonable.  And higher PSI is not always needed.  You can get a lot of great effects with only 20-30 PSI depending on the setup.

  • Thank you,
    do you know the hose diameters and ribbed connector fitting sizes that Gary used for this effect? i can either upload photos of what i have so far and i may even shoot a test video for critique and post it on the discussion forums for tips. 

  • Hi Kevin,

    I don't have the sizes, but it's also possible the hose inner diameter may vary by manufacturer.  I would measure than and go with hardware that is compatible.   I would love to see photos or video of your tests!  You can post YouTube videos here and they should embed.


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