spider legs on a mask

I'm trying to make spider legs for a mask and every time I sculpt the long legs with NSP Clay and they flop over. I wanted to use wire but I can't see how that would work when you have to take the legs off for the molding process. any suggestions?


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    Hi Rey,

    This mostly depends on your armature setup.  You can have wire in the legs that protrude into your sculpture and allow the clay to support the leg, or you can have the wire socket into an internal support if you want to get fancy.

    In the past I've even had things permanently attached, then at the end, I cut the wires and re-sculpt the connection points prior to molding.

    The best bet is to have the legs so you can remove them to work on them or the mask easier, then attach them when it's time to see the entire character.

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    Thanks for the info.  I will do that.  
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