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What is the best way to create realistic drool for a sculpture? For Instance if I have a monster that has the saliva that is coming off the teeth and and oozing out of the mouth. 


  • Hi Andrew,

    The most common way to do drool on sculptures is using a 2 part epoxy.  The kind you buy at the hardware store, usually in a syringe or 2 bottles.  The most important part is you get a brand that cures fully clear and does not yellow.  You can mix pigments with it as well if you wish to change the color for different effects. (blood, slime, dark ooze, etc)

    Then you can paint it onto teeth/eyes to make them look wet, or let it drip down to create more dynamic effects.

    You can also attach fine string to your teeth and let the epoxy drip down that to create different effects.

    My suggestion is to try a bunch of test drips on something other than your sculpture first, and get used to how the brand of epoxy you find works for you.  Get used to how the epoxy starts to set up and transitions between states where you can get different effects with it.

    Hope you can share your project here with us!

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