Five Nights at Freddy's: Springtrap

Emma Durrill (Age 16) did all the makeup and sewing for the costume for this gender-bent version of the Five Night's at Freddy's character "Springtrap" with a Lolita twist, doing all the sewing and designwork for the "clown suit" herself. (Think Pennywise's unkempt little sister who smells.) She designed and executed all the makeup herself using over the counter makeup - she was aiming for the ultimate "stranger danger" vibe that many clowns give off by going for a garish, messy, half rotted look - a rancid clown and every kid's nightmare. During this particular shoot near a road one evening we had a lot of people slow down and express disgust when they saw her face every time she turned around to wave. (Success!) Emma is entirely self-taught in both sewing and makeup work, and is creating on an ongoing series of costumes and found setting photo sessions for various series that she enjoys curing the current Covid 19 outbreak.
I am Chris Durrill, Emma Durrill's mother. All I do is roadie, scout locations, and take pictures.I give my full consent for Emma to be in this contest. If you have any questions or need further proof of Emma being the originator of this makeup and costume design, please contact us at [email protected] !
Thanks for looking!
Emma and Chris

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