Five Nights at Freddie's: The Mangle, Lolita Style

Emma Durrill (Age 16) did all the makeup and sewing for the costume for this take on the Five Nights at Freddy's character, The Mangle with a Lolita twist. She designed and executed all the makeup herself using over the counter makeup - including the optical illusion of having had part of her skull torn away, exposing a dark, gaping cavity with a pinpoint of light in the hollow when she keeps her left eye shut. Emma considers this particular makeup job to be a success because while documenting this particular costume, she caused a stranger's small child to have a total meltdown when the child approached her in a public park thinking she was some sort of Disney princess and wanted a hug until Emma turned around and faced her. Emma is entirely self-taught in both sewing and makeup work, and is creating on an ongoing series of costumes and found setting photo sessions for various series that she enjoys curing the current Covid 19 outbreak. I'm Chris Durrill, her mother. All I do is roadie and design the photo shoots! If you have any questions or need confirmation of my consent, please contact me at [email protected] !
Thank you for looking!
Chris and Emma Durrill

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