Repairing A Ripped Silicone Mask

So I watched the tutorial about seaming and patching silicone. Chris said that for larger holes ( like the one in the ear but if it were larger) he would use thickened psychopaint to patch it.  What method would one use if there was a large tear in a silicone mask (like 6 inches long)  Would it still be the same process? Would it need to be reinforced with like a powermesh somehow? 


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    Hi Keha,

    If I were to patch a silicone mask with a large tear I would reinforce it from the back with some fabric.  You could either use a powermesh or something with less stretch, as fabric with less give could help protect that area from stress, where a powermesh would still allow the area to stretch, which could add to stress on the repair.  It also depends on where in the mask the tear is, some areas will need a little stretch more than others.

    You can use psychopaint or mix up your own silicone for the repair.  If you painted the mask with a specific psychopaint blend using the same product would help keep the surface looking consistent.

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