invisible dog breathe on the Lens

Hello everyone, I've been working on a short film for a while now with a main character that is a invisible dog, I've been thinking of a lots of different ways for it to interact with real things to help sell the character and I thought another good way would be to have to dogs breathe cloud up the lens when its in for example in a close up shot, I'd appreciate any suggestions on how I could approach this as I am drawing a blank 


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    Hi Matt,

    You could take a squeeze bottle full of hot water and hold it below the lens and squeeze a bit so the hot moist air hits the lens.   The hotter the water the better effect.  It may also be possible to use flexible tubing to make a rig that attaches to the camera so you have control over the angle the moist air is blown out at.  For that you can wrap the tubing in flexible wire, which should let you pose it.  Then just attach the other end to a container of hot water, steamer, etc.

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