How do you preserve a foam latex appliance?

I recently acquired either a Frankenstein headpiece or Herman Munster headpiece. I'm unsure of it's age, but its made from foam and its in great shape and I'd love to be able to either use it or make a copy of it. Is there anything I could use to slow its decomposition to be worn or to be copied? 


  • My Frankenstein headpiece 
  • Sadly I don't know of any methods to keep foam latex aside from keeping it out of sunlight and keeping it in a nice climate-controlled environment.    Anyone else have any ideas?

  • I thought about maybe a thin coat of clear silicone but I'm unsure if that will hurt it 
  • Platinum silicone is inhibited by latex, so it would not cure and likely destroy the piece.   It's possible there is something you could coat it with, but I would do a lot of research first.  You don't want any reactions with the paint, foam latex, etc.

  • I am actually to try that myself but, doesn't a coat of paint from monster makers help to preserve the foam under it? I mean, the paint should be based on latex milk which should help a bit right?
  • The paint can help, but on a long enough timeline, the foam latex will still become brittle and rot.  It's just not a material that was intended to last forever.  But well taken care of you can get decades out of foam latex as a display piece, and restoration is always an option down the line.

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