Question about the course Make a Monster Suit

Hi! After enjoyed watching the 3 parts of the whole course Make a Monster Suit with Alec Willis, we have observed that the performer wore a kind of helmet in order to keep all the animatronics and the core of the foam head attached.
We were wondering about how it was done. May be with epoxy and also leather inside for making it more comfortable for wearing?...
We have tested to make one in Epoxacoat Grey but it seems to be so rigid... Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance and sorry for our english! Cheers from Spain!


  • Hi Manlima,

    Helmets like that are often made with fiberglass and epoxy so they are thin and flexible but strong enough to mount components to.  I've also seen them made using a casting of the performer's head and a vacuum form machine.

    The inside can be padded or lined with a product called moleskin. 

    Epoxacoat should work, but if you are finding it's too rigid for your application you can find a resin with a bit more flex.   Using fiberglass may also help keep it thin and flexible.

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