I have a strong interest and desire to advance my special effects skills to the animatronics side of the craft, i was wondering if there are any books that could help me understand the basics and language used during the fabrication of something like a creature head and help me better understand, i plan on streaming all the courses and content offered here at Stan Winston's but i would like to have some study material and additional reference guides to help with understanding the language, programming, mathematics etc. 
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    Hi Kevin,

    I can't think of any books that focus specifically on animatronics, but if you are looking to boost your animatronics skills I would suggest looking into any material related to mechanical engineering, linkages, and microcontrollers.  Honing other skills like DFM (design for manufacturing), CAD, 3D printing, and CNC machining is also important.   Getting good with CAD is probably the main thing I would recommend, as you can quickly prototype mechs digitally before expending resources fabricating them, and in most cases print or mill your own parts.


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    There are a lot of tutorial videos online focusing on this topic. Of course, you need to read the material first in order to understand the basic principles. Still, I think the videos explain it very well. I actually like studying online using all sorts of interactive learning, such as videos, quizzes and questions and answers sessions. Recently, I completed a law course online on I studied and prepared for the final exams for 3 months. The whole experience was great, I liked the professors, the materials, and nevertheless the teaching methods. I would truly recommend this online study institution.
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