Servo Advice Please

Hi guys,  thank you for all the very informative feedback its great.

Just a quick question if that's ok tapping into your extensive servo knowledge for a tentacle i am building. 

I recently bought several DIYMORE MG996R servos which stated a throw range of 270 degree. However when plugged into my FRSKY reciever they only move 30 degrees travel either side even with the limits on T6 Config set to 100% .

Is it possible to increase the range to 90 degrees either side without doing modifications internally?

Also would using an Arduino increase the range? 

Here is the specified servo :)

Many thanks in advance



  • Hi Steven,

    You may need to change the limits on your RC Transmitter for that channel to get the full range of motion.  Thankfully the FRSKY menu system is not too bad to navigate.   Dig around in there and you may be able to get that channel to have a wider range.

  • Your answer is in the description:

    How to control the steering gear at each angle? 

    The pulse width of the 90 degree and 360 degree servo signals is 1.0-2.0ms; the signal width of the 180 degree and 270 degree servos is 0.5-2.5ms.

    An RC radio wil usually put out a pwm signal varying between 1 and 2 ms, so you'll never be able to get the full range.

  • Another option is to get something like this servo stretcher:

  • Thanks Chris & Cyril.  

    I managed to increase the servo range to 170 using an Arduino so guess it is the TX.  It is a cheap FLYSKY transmitter i am using and i have increased the endpoints to 120 but it makes no difference, therefore i guess it is the Pulse width as Cyril stated. 

    I have a new Taranis X9D transmitter that can try but need to figure out how to convert it as it got shipped from Hong Kong by accident and i cant use it in the UK. 

    I was hoping to at least get 180 (90 either side) using a FLYSKY or FRSKY TX so still a bit stuck, but thank you both for taking the time out of your bust days to respond, its much appreciated.

    Steven :)
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