Officially Addicted

Okay I’m officially addicted. Starting another build today. But they’re piling up. 😉 I was wondering too... When are we getting more puppet classes? I’d love to have some that showcase pattern building from sketches. Different techniques for faces. Oh so many things. MORE PUPPETS pretty please, with sugar on top. But seriously, any new puppet classes coming? Thanks Kahula


  • Awesome!

    We don't have an ETA on the next puppet-related lesson but rest assured that there will be more.  We cover a pretty wide array of subjects so sometimes it can be a bit before we revisit one.  I know we have a lot of new courses in the queue, but filming has been paused due to the pandemic.  

    These guys both look great.   Did you get your supplies to start on the next wave?  You'll have a full army of puppets in no time.

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