All Jacked Up And Full Of Worms - look at my vomit rig

Hello! Here's a vomit rig that I made. Any ideas for how I can improve it? 

My process: I got the actor in my studio and prepped him for a quick and dirty life cast. I wrapped his torso in plastic wrap, and then I did a plaster wrap around his torso and up the sides of his face. After it cured, I cut the plaster wrap off of him in 2 pieces - one for the left side of his face and one for the right side. Then I coated the outside of the plaster in fiberglass to make it stronger, and then I added a vinyl tube, and finally I put a velcro strap on. 

Here's a video of it in action:


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    Rig looks good.

     Only change I might make depends on how you plan on shooting with it. Normally the tubes run down the back so they can be more easily hidden. But depending on your wardrobe, character design, and desired shots that might not be a concern.

    I've also seen versions that end with a small length of copper tubing bent into an S shape so it can run along the side of the face, into the mouth, and point back out. By pulling back the cheek that is away from the camera you are able to get a shot of the fluids actually coming out of the performer's mouth. Though with that type of rig there are added safety concerns, and the pressures and types of fluids you work with must be selected more carefully than one that is purely external.

     Looks like your video was removed for TOS issues, so I can't see your rig in action.

  • What did you use for the plunger in the fourth image?  I've been looking for that but haven't been able to find it.
  • Got it in the plumbing section at Home Depot - think it’s called a “mechanical plug” - I can dig up the receipt and tell you for real next week after I finish this job I’m busy with right now. 817-994-9304
  • Found it.  Thanks.
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