i was wondering if Stan Winston has a channel i can download on my Roku? i tried casting from my desktop but its freezing way too much and when it loads the next video it will occasionally disconnect it, i do not have a laptop yet and i cant seem to cast on my phone since Safari i believe dose not have that feature.
thank you,


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    Hi Kevin,

    You can stream to something like Chromecast or Apple TV from your computer or mobile device.  I don't know if Roku has an option to be streamed to from an outside device.  I've never used a Roku, but I hear they are great.

    If you want to stream from your phone you can try downloading the Chrome browser app, which can cast to Chromecast devices.  I like it a lot more than Safari.   There are also adapters for iPhones, iPad, and Android devices that let them output video on an HDMI cable, which would let your use your mobile device directly with any TV.

    Our content being subscription-based makes downloading it for upload and viewing offline or on 3rd party players like Rooku a bit problematic.

    Hope that helps!


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