Which blood is best of I don’t have Gary’s blood?

I was wondering which blood looks also like the bloods Gary uses kn the two 30 minute Make-ups. I have access to the Fleet Street dark or fresh blood or the ultimate blood from smooth on.

o was also wondering  


  • How I would paint the prosthetic if it’s made out of ecoflex flex. gel. And if it’s also with skin illustrator which is the colour he used to spatter over the face and which to fill the wound. At the moment I only have the fix palette of skin illustrator and the formx effects. I hope these palettes are fine to create a makeup like that
  • And I have access to the rice paper colour ...
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    Hi Maximilian,

    Fleet street makes great blood.  Their drying blood is one of my favorites.  Trying to match different off the shelf bloods to something on camera is tricky due to different lighting conditions, so my suggestion is to find a blood that looks good to you and go with that.  Blood formulas are not a magic bullet... a little food coloring and some karo syrup can get you pretty far!

    I also like a formula called "my blood."   Specifically, their "three kings" color, which is a nice darker blood.

    To paint platinum silicones like eco-flex you will want to use silicone paints or pigmented silicones.

    I don't know the specific color he used during that step, but try using what you have and go by eye.  Which colors you use are often very situation-specific.  The FX palette from skin illustrator is a great starting point, and one of my favorites as it can be used in lots of different applications.  It has 2 of my favorite skin illustrator colors, rice paper and aged blood.  Both have a thousand uses.  That should be a good starting point for you.  Beyond that you may want to get a palette with a good range of skin tones to help with blending.


  • Oh yeah I tried also mixing my own blood but in the end stayed with store bought ones because I also don’t have access to Karo corn syrup. But as I can remember the fx palette doesn’t have the rice paper color... I always wondered when I should use the aged blood colour I didn’t find a use for it yet😂
    do you know any silicone paints I can use right away and don’t have to mix pigments into psycho paint for instance and thin this with naphtha? If possible non toxic...

    thanks for taking your time and helping me out 
  • Ah, you are right, the FX palette does not have rice paper!  I know a lot of my palettes have the same colors, so it's hard to keep track of. I probably have 20+ palettes right now.   VFS Flesh & Complexion Palette is a great one for skin tones, and it has rice paper.

    Dried Blood is a good color for around the edges of wounds, or anywhere you need a nice deep red.

    Most silicone paint systems I know of require mixing your own pigments.  This is partly due to cost and shelf life once mixed.  It's more cost-effective for you to mix your own colors rather than have a large collection of pre-mixed colors that have a limited shelf life.  With only a few basic pigment colors you can make millions of colors of paint, so it's far more economical.  

    Sadly there are not a lot of off-the-shelf silicone paints.  Psycho Paints is the most common.  Smooth-On also has "Psycho Paint Platinum Silicone Paint Base" which you pigment yourself.  Then it can be thinned with solvent for airbrushing. 

    The solvent they recommend, and to your point about "less toxic" options compared to naptha, is NOVOCS.  Named so because it has no volatile organic compounds.   I don't know of any solvents that are non-toxic, though some are certainly less harmful than others.  With any chemical you use, I suggest reading the material safety data sheet just to know what the concerns are and practice good safety with gloves, eye protection, ventilation, and a properly rated mask when needed.


  • Oh okay thank you! And what would you paint in the wound also aged blood or rather blood tone or prime red?
    okay some people also use sil poxy and you don’t have to mix both parts together... I don’t have an airbrush so can’t I use it right out of the bottle with out thinking?
  • Thinning
  • Inside wounds I usually use aged blood, but if I need them to appear deeper I'll mix a bit of black with the aged blood.  You just have to be careful or it will look too theatrical.

    For the silicone paints, you can use those out of the bottle without thinning, but thinning them helps you build up color more slowly with washes, which is a great technique.  Airbrush is not required, but they are great for different techniques.

  • Oh okay do you think Gary also used ages blood in the inside for me it looked a bit like prime red or maybe blood tone...
    oh yeah I know this technique is it also fine, with the novocs to go outside or is a respirator required?
  • Even with NOVOCS you should be in a well-ventilated area with a respirator.


    Pretty much anything you are spraying into the air you don't want in your lungs, so a respirator and ventilation are always a good idea.

  • Oh okay Yeah but I won’t spray it
  • Even if you don't spray it, the solvent will be evaporating into the air and producing fumes, so safety precautions should still be taken.

  • Ok thanks for the support Chris! Last question everyone says you should paint silicone appliances with alcohol paints but wouldn’t it wipe away if you touch it because it doesn’t stick since it’s no silicone?
  • Hi Maximilian,

    You are correct, alcohol activated paints (like Skin Illustrator) can be used on silicone, but will not be permanent or durable.  I've painted silicone appliances with alcohol activated makeups and had great results, but it depends a lot on the surface finish of the silicone, and if it's been sealed or encapsulated. 

    I've seen people use Skin Illustrator or airbrush colors like those from Createx (shout out to Tim Gore's Blood Line) and seal them by airbrushing a thin layer of clear silicone on top to hold them in place.  This works best if the color is applied thin so the silicone can still get around it to bond to silicone.  I first heard about this from Tim Gore in one of our lessons.

  • Oh cool yes I would encapsulate all the prosthetics is it then fine without airbrushing silicone? Because o heard it’s like a membrane than which makes it easier to use cheaper and more products on the appliances.
    yeah I love bloodline And also Heard- of the technique but I didn’t try it out yet and I don’t have an airbrush 
  • If your prosthetics are encapsulated you should have no problem with makeups like Skin Illustrator staying put.

    Just make sure that if you are using an alcohol activated encapsulator (like Super Baldiez) that you don't use too much alcohol at once or you can dissolve away that layer.

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    I have made amazing realistic blood with the coagulated blood from Nightshade Effects Studio. You would wanna mix that with the liquitex gloss varnish. I Don't know the Ratio but here are some pics. It dries really nice and wet!

    -Rey Fear

  • Chris,

    ok cool I will try to apply a prosthetic as soon as I have time and access to my friend. Thanks so much for your tips! 
  • Rey Fear,

    cool I actually do have this blood from nightshade at home! It’s a good idea to mix it in the varnish because I also think it is pretty dark by itself in comparison with my other bloods. 
    This blood in the pictures looks amazing just like it bleeds at this moment!
    i also like rip city blood it’s probably my favorite for props or flocking blood /paste I think that’s really realistic 
  • Very cool Ray!

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