[Help] Making A Chestburster Costume

I’ve been wanting try out costuming and cosplay for a while and I finally watched alien for the first time last night and I really like the chestburster scene. I’m a very techy person so I was wondering how would I make a costume like that and make it animatronicly move from my chest with sounds?


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    Hi Patricia,

    One way would be to use a tentacle mechanism to move the character's body.  We have a great course that covers the building of different types of tentacle mechs.  https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/animatronic-tentacle-mechanism-basics

    For the sound you could use a small Bluetooth speaker paired with your phone as an easy solution.  Otherwise you could use a microcontroller like an Arduino with a sound shield and small speaker.  This solution would require some programming and a bit of wiring/soldering.


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    I second the recommendation for the tentacle mechanism tutorial. Here's a chestburster costume piece I built for last Halloween. Now, keep in mind that this was done on a budget. The SWS tutorial will take you to the next level. https://youtu.be/LZrSjBXJ-44

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