Hair "punching" for resin

Is there a technique for punching hair into resins?  I'm sculpting an insect head and would like to add sparse, single hairs into the cast.  If it were a silicone cast, the obvious answer would be to punch the hairs in, but this will be cast in resin so it looks more like an exoskeleton.  Is there at technique similar to hair punching I could use? 


  • For resin you would have to use a small drill to create holes that you could insert the hairs into after dipping them into some type of glue.

    Otherwise you could just glue the hairs directly to the surface.

  • Thanks Chris.  I figured that was likely the case.  The search for the tiniest drill bit ever made begins haha

    Here's what I'm sculpting, if anyone is interested 

  • Sculpt looks great!

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