[Help] Tips on Tentacles

Hey guys, i'm looking to fabricate a bunch of tentacles similar in shape and size to this image:

This is for a two day shoot. They do not need to be highly detailed nor individually unique, but they do need to be constructed very rapidly, and as cheap as possible. I'm looking specifically to avoid latex as much as possible, and have no time to sculpt, cast, and mold these. I am relatively new to the industry so my material expertise is still in it's infancy.

Generally I would tackle something like this using a rope with small chunks of foam glued to it then skinned in a thin plastic and painted, but this is a very involved process.

I would love any tips you guys might have for an industry nooby!


  • panty hoes and poly-fil! If you don't want to use latex to seal them in, maybe lightly brushing on silicone or Pax paint(mixed acrylic paint and pros-aide, would to the trick! its kinda funny but here's a video that roughly outlines the technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CHpBG0BYlU
  • If you want to go fast & cheap you can use sheet plastic (like painters drop cloth or even thinner plastic wrap) and a heat gun.   You can wrap the plastic around your tentacle forms, like cut foam, rope, tubing, etc. and use the heat gun to tighten it and build up texture.  Just be careful with the hot melted plastic.  This technique is used a lot in the Halloween and haunted attraction industry.

  • Thanks for the tips folks! I've got a lot to consider now :)
  • Whatever you come up with I hope you can share the result with us here!

  • Out of curiosity, why don't you want to use latex? Allergies?  Availability? The ones you posted, from Harbinger Down, were bubble wrap, rolled in latex. Very cheap and effective.
  • I wanted to avoid latex because of time budget really. I love the idea of bubble wrap and latex though...
  • Latex can be very inexpensive and fast (hairdryers do wonders to set it quickly) as long as you can find it locally.  If you order online time and shipping expenses may work against your budget, but depending on where you are there may be a local source.

  • Luckily I'm LA based so getting it local is generally not an issue.

    Here's a look at the happy fella getting tentacles:

  • Ooooh, that is a great looking monster!

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