Super baldiez/super cap sheets

Hey, so I'm looking for some guidance on making sheets of 'skin' out of super baldiez or super cap. I've heard of it being done for effects like crepey skin, or burns but have never made it. I'm thinking it's the route I want to take for the project I'm doing, either that or making thin latex sheets, but I think the latex may be a little too opaque once I baby powder it. Or does anyone know of another way of creating fake skin that can be manipulated (folded, squished) when working out of kit? Don't have time to sculpt..

Any help would be appreciated!


  • There's a couple of ways to make these sheets for lots of purposes, personally I put some release on a mirror and paint a few layers of latex or cap plastic in roughly the shape I want then use a blow dryer in between layers. Once you're to the thickness you want, powder it, then you just peel it up if you're going for a wrinkled effect. You can also rub your hands across it to make various sized holes or role it all the way up to give yourself a really nice looking nurnies that can be used for tons of purposes. If anyone has any other tips for making nurnies let me know!
  • Thanks! I haven’t used the cap plastic before so I was a little hesitant to use it, I just went with sheets of latex as that was easy, cheap and familiar.   

    I was trying to quickly recreate the addiction demon from American Horror story.
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