Small-Scale Silicone Body Parts needed for Film in Austin, TX

Synopsis: Practical effects needed for a psychological horror short film shooting June/July in Austin, TX. We are seeking highly realistic small scale body parts for this film. 

  • 1-2 small silicone hands to look like a replica of actor's right hand, including skin coloring, veins, birth mark etc. One hand would need to be severed (ripped) at the wrist and include exposed bone and flesh as if the injury just occurred. The second hand would need to be 2-3 days later and show the flesh beginning to decompose, change in skin tone, etc.  The approximate size would be about 2 inches in length 
  • 1 small arm (which the hand would be ripped from) from the upper sleeve to wrist with exposed bone and flesh. This arm would need to appear as if the injury had happened 2-3 days prior. The approximate size would be proportionate to the hand, probably in the 7 inch range
Other details:
- This project will not be a SAG project. I'm funding the project myself, I'll be acting in it with one other actor 
- We have a budget for the practical effects 
- The pieces would not require any movement or robotics 
- The timeline for shooting would be June 29th - July 12th in Austin, TX

Information about the team:
Carly Christopher (actor/writer/producer)
Alex Garnett (writer/director)

Thank you!
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