Human eye prop not looking realistic?

I'm having a specific issue with the doming of the iris. On a real human eye, when looked at from the side you can still see the iris and pupil. My painted Iris is on a flat disk, and when domed with resin it looks great when facing towards you. If you rotate it, the iris begins to disappear from view and now the resin is clear and you can see the room through it.

When I watch videos (like the one "Making Creature Eyes" by John Cherevka) they make the eyes very much the same way. And when they show the final product and rotate it around, you don't get that distortion. Even Ocularists will paint the irsis flat on the eye globe (it looks like an upside down cereal bowl) and then dome clear acrylic on top of it...you can still see the iris when veiwed from the side.

I am not getting this effect and don't know what I am doing wrong. Can someone please help me?


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    Do you have any images of your results?

    I'm wondering if the shape of the corneal bulge is causing more refraction than normal.  Hard to tell without seeing it.'


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